Becoming The Master Closer With Fabian Sparrow


Sales are the backbone of marketing, regardless of whether you are selling a toothbrush or a 10 million dollar private jet, or simply trying to convince your friend to watch a movie.

In this episode, I have the honor of talking to a good friend Fabian Sparrow who in my opinion is another “Wolf of Wall Street” but in real estate about how to become a master closer.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The how to sell and close consistantly without being pushy, salesy, annoying, or multiplicative.
  • Understand the different levels of sales and how to become a master closer.
  • The psychology behind winning sales and how to master objection handling.
  • The single biggest mistake that 90% of all sales people make.
  • and much more…

About Fabian Sparrow

With 30 yrs of sales experience, Fabian’s career has spanned from cold calling sales, appointment setting, big-ticket sales, and as a high-level sales trainer and business consultant. By the age of 30, Fabian had already made $3million dollars in commissions and bonuses, with his first $200,000 plus W2 being over 20 yrs ago. A mishap after the housing collapse of 2008/2009 left him with some liability, a $16,000,000 forfeiture, and Fabian found himself starting over in life in the Text Message and Digital Marketing space.

Fabian was also a wrestler, soccer, and baseball player in school.  He went undefeated as a wrestler in his final year, and he relates much of the one-on-one sales process to my experience on the wrestling mat.  The truth will be told as there is no one else to blame. He also enjoys playing chess, hiking, and salsa/ bachata dancing. He is also a bachata dance instructor. He believes that anyone can change their stars. 

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