How to turn your boring business into an exciting brand


In this episode, Nathalia and I dig deep on what is brand marketing in 2022 and why traditional brand marketing is dead wrong. Join us as we explore topics such as how to build your brand identity, and how to connect with your ideal customer to increase ROI for your business.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The truth about brand marketing and why traditional brand consulting firms are dead wrong.
  • How to articulate your brand value and stand out from your competitors
  • How to rethink your brand positioning to build a strong relationship with your customer.
  • How to leverage brand marketing to keep your customer hungry for your product or services.
  • and much more…

About Nathalia Montenegro

Nathalia’s interest in understanding people and their behavior drove her to focus on how people perceive and relate to the world outside and inside themselves.

Coming from a business background Nathalia naturally combined her interests towards helping business leaders to rethink their brands, so they can expand their business by building a strong foundation from the inside out while creating a fulfilling life for themselves and others.

It is hard to articulate your brand value and stand out from the competition when there’s a lack of clarity about your brand and understanding of others. Because this is the only way to be seen by the unique value you bring and connect with your ideal audience.

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