The Future of Digital Marketing What It Means to Succeed Digitally


In this episode, Jonathan and I discuss what’s happening with digital marketing today in the last month of 2021. And what’s going to happen to digital marketing for businesses around the world in 2022. We pull back the curtain and talk about some real deep dark secrets that most digital marketing gurus are too afraid to say…

All of it is uncut and uncanny, you don’t want to miss this episode…

What You’ll Learn

  • The future of internet marketing after ISO14 and Google’s new cookie policy and how it will effect your business.
  • Online reputation: How to get more online 5 stars review and keep out the negative reviews for your business.
  • Review gating, what is it and how you should be dealing with it.
  • What it takes to succeed online today for business looking to digital transform.
  • and much more…

About The Hosts

Jonathan Larson: is the Digital Marketing Manager at Sammamish. Jonathan is responsible for the digital transformation of the company and has over 14 Years of Experience In Marketing, Design & Development.

Steven Yang: is highly sought after for his ability to plan and execute highly sophisticated marketing strategies that drive results.

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